Laundry room adventures….

February 5, 2007

Not adventures of that nature!!!  I know where your minds diverted off to!  My goodness!! Never did I think doing laundry would be so amazinlgy hard! The systems are all in Swedish, you have to book a room first. U have a whole different set of keys for that and an access tag as well. So trying to figure out what the machines says is quite the challenge, especially when your swedish vocabulary constitutes of less than 20 words in all! Why can’t it just be a normal laundry room where everyone fights for the machines and there are laundry fights when you go and find all your clothes dragged out of the machine in a lump somewhere before they were done! At least it gave you some small talk! Laundry drama…who pulled who’s clothes out and who keeps the machines forever! I miss those days. Now everything is so ….. Swedish!! hmm…adding on to that. I am seriously beginning to question my sanity. Why oh why did I take informatics? I have no idea what the course material is on about. Sociology and I.T….just not my cup of cake when combined! And nobody else seems to know what’s going on either. And such is the life of a nomad student!



  1. pole, it doesnt seem to get better out there, does it? hang in there!

  2. Bambika am also doing smthing with a “matics” at the end and yes is no coffee+Chapo either(Long stori, lakini that combi finds itself in my mouth more than its share of times…).

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