February 1, 2007

Ok, so I am kinda settled in this place!  No T.V, but lots of time for school things…finished all my pending assignments, working on my thesis, so I guess no T.V may just be a good thing.  I never thought I’d say this, but I actually miss my backwater village in Finland.  The banking system in this country and the beaurocracy surrounding things is amazing!  And I don’t mean that in a nice way!  And just how can a whole place be full of the strangest weirdest people?  I went for an international student party the other day….I spent half the time trying to put my eyes into focus as a result of going cock eyed from boredom!  And attempts at dancing are not considered laughable anymore, more like paralysis inducing!  So I guess my thesis and all school work shall be done in record time while I’m here.  So finally watched blood diamond….great movie and finally watched brokeback mountain…yes yes yes, I know…it’s kinda old, just hadn’t gotten round to it yet….man who came up with it?  I’ve got nothing against gay people or anything, thats just who they are.  But it was just a bit weird seeing that much emotion between two men.  It was just weird for me….but oh well, whatever rocks their boat I guess.  Oh and housemates who don’t close doors while partaking in the horizontal rhumba are not a good thing!!!  Especially when her and her victim of choice don’t really speak the same language and the most they can do is giggle at each other….then the giggling leads to other loud things….I need to get me a pair of wax ear plugs!



  1. You should tell your housemate that certain things really need to be kept private and ask her to keep her door closed while engaging in the horizontal boogie!!!

    I watched Brokeback Mountain when it came out on DVD and I too was amazed at the intensity of it all.

  2. Every cloud truly has a silver lining! imagine having no TV being a good thing!

    How weired doing the nasty with some one you can’t understand, and leaving the door open for neighbours to witness? SMH

  3. ROTFL Neighbours hawa, where is the popcorn, pull a chair and enjoy!

  4. Wa! Your roomie! Alternative entertainment in place of the missing TV perhaps?

    Si you go like you are about to join them one of these days and see what the reaction will be like?

  5. Horizontal rhumba? LOL!!

    @Aegeus & Ichiena: voyeurs nyinyi! How can you watch guys in the act live live, ati you pull up a seat, popcorn in hand?

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