January 25, 2007

So I’m finally in Sweden!  I really hate europe and everything about it.  Again I could’nt help but let a few tears roll down at the airport.  You’d think by now it’d be easier to leave but its not!  And after an incredibly long journey of trains, planes and buses I finally got to sundsvall….its a nice place, bigger than what I’m  used to….there are actually busses!!  But I’ve been too exhausted to even go on town adventures.  but I shall in time.  After being home for so long and going to a whole different place where I’m not in control of everything and not having my friends around, homesickness has really kicked in!



  1. Pole for the return shock. Like you say, leaving home is never easy, no matter how often you’ve been there. You feel like you should have stayed longer.

    All the best in the new town!

  2. Take heart BFly

    Twas great having you around though… (Milo drums fingers) Lakini that coffee… LOL

  3. It will pass – the boredom that is. And there’s always mad bloggers to come back and rant to…:)

    Enjoy new place.

  4. Pole sana bout the homesickness, just know that one day you will be home for good.

  5. Hang in there!! Once you familiarize yourself with the place and make friends you will be good to go!!

  6. thas the price of globetrotting babes. never gets easy to leave the place we call home……….but what geat adventures await us when we get where we’re going. such great stories to tell when we get back home to the ones we love. makes the goodbyes worth it. almost.ama?

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