January 8, 2007

So it is the start of a new year.  One of my new years resolutions which must be fulfilled in the next four months before summer time is to loose a number of kilo’s.  My target is really high, I probably won’t get there, but even half of that is good enough.  I havn’t really thought about the rest of my resolutions too well, but that I shall do by the end of the week and put it down on paper.  So I think living in Europe makes your body have no resistance whatsoever!  I get back and immediately get the flu.  Then I break out in like little blood clots at my ankles, and the next week its spreading up.  It’s not an allergy coz it doesn’t itch so off I go to the doctor who had no clue what it was so sent me to a dermatologist.  Apparently  I am reacting to something and what I have is called vasculitis.  So meds I get put on, and now its clearing up.  Not that it hurt or itched or anything but I couldn’t wear a skirt coz my legs looked horrid!!  Anyway, done with that now.  Gave my dog kiko a wash yesterday, and since I have been away, nobody bothers to brush him after his bath.  He really really doesn’t need a brush all the time and all over, but just now and then on the longer bits on his ears.  And since that hasn’t been done, he had like two dreadlock like bits which I had to cut off.  Then I though I should’nt have, and I should’ve put some beads in….talk about an aire dog!!  Lol!  Oh went for a short drink with the ever luscious milo and his interesting pals.  The cassanova that he is, I think he should have been french or italian really, picked me up from work and dropped my home since yours truly does not drive after dark!!  I’m too terrified!  All in all me thinks he is a yum one! 

Oh and how can I forget to mention how much I HATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS!!!!  I can understand the frustration behind bribing.  I was processing visa’s for some delegates coming into the country.  I have been chasing these things for like two weeks.  Friday was spent at nyayo house….the whole flipping day following up on them.  The files arrive, everything is set, just this mean looking, bored to death, woman looking as if she’s doing me a favour…..THAT IS YOUR JOB!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway, she has to type up the letters.  Three flipping letters.  She’s a secretary, her typing speed must be astronomical, but she tells me, oh well….you will probably have to wait not less than an hour and no you cannot wait in here, you just have to find somewhere to go!!!!  Excuse me?  Waiting chairs in a reception are made for waiting on!!  Did i mention I HATE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS!!!  Anyway, after the good angel on my right shoulder held back my devil angel on my left shoulder, alot of patience and fake smiles, I finally got my visas!  Dude, I’m not even getting paid for this!

Another revelation….I want a pet dragon like Zafira or whatever the dragon in eragon is called….hmmmm



  1. LMAO at Aire dog then funga a badana thats rasta colours and go for Horse racing killa one.
    All the best in reducing the fats.
    Thats Nyayo house for you and pole sana.

  2. Good luck with the weight. Query though – why the four month deadline?

    Nyayo house never disappoints – in that regard. Kwanza you are lucky you were told to wait. The stock response is usually that the person responsible is out on sick leave, maternity leave, annual leave, lunch break, late, meeting…and you are told to return the next day when they dig out your papers from the pile of Things To Do.

  3. @Nyayo House, once we had a frustrating experience there. Standing outside, my uncle looks up, lights a match and looks as if to throw at the building, and swears that he will set the place on fire.

  4. oh, and on losing weight… work it girl you can do it. Its a challenge, but it gives discipline in all aspects.

  5. Government officials can really wear a person’s patience thin!!

  6. so now Nyayo hse where do i start……..
    It would be better for all if i didn’t so.
    Pole sana hope your delegates are doing OK!!
    by the way all the bst in your resolutions ya!

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