December 28, 2006

So the year is drawing to a close.  I know I should be making resolutions, but I confess, I’m horrible at keeping them, but better to have them and at least try than not to have and try at all right?  This year has been ok.  Can’t really complain….it went by quite fast.  Well in all aspects apart from my love life which has been a right out disaster!!!  It has ended with me being single, trying to find who I am, the essence of me, without being defined by the man I am with at any given time which I was beginnin to feel happening.  I need to find me and be happy with me before I go into something.  Most times I loose myself in things, preoccupied with the other person’s needs and wants, mostly emotionally that I have no time for me and become a slave to making this other person happy.  And what happens, there I am, running circles.  It’s a calm sort of feeling, this feeling of not having to answer to anybody, not having to wonder where someone is, let someone know every little detail.  I just am these days.  And I am enjoying the freedom.  So here is to a new year…full of happiness and good things…



  1. I like your ‘find me’ experience. I went through the same and it is so liberating. Mine was slightly different in that i was married. But to this day i am reaping the benefits. Wish you a fruitful 2007!

  2. that’s y i don’t encourage my better half to blog or use the internet. otherwise i might just find myself trying to ‘find me’. it is better if she just uses email to express her sentiments. the day she starts blogging i’m finished.
    t’was a good year though. happy new next year.

  3. Sounds like you went through some soul-searching which is always a great thing to do. Hope you are showered with tons of blessings in 2007!!

  4. That is good! The feeling is great. Took me a while to find that peace amidst a busy work schedule and certain commitments but i can now say i am comfortable and know what i want. I wish you a prosperous new year full of blessings. All the best. 🙂

  5. That’s the spirit. Find yourself, love yourself first. Happy 2007!

  6. It took me awhile to find myself, and now that I have, I can give a piece of me to somoene else. I hope you find what you’re searching for in 07. Happy New Year gal 🙂

  7. happy new year!! finding oneself is an undaunting task, but one that comes with age and loving yourself… coz till u critically analyze and assess ur life, then it becomes really difficult to step back and know who you are. all the best!!

  8. Happy New Year gal. I hope you find your real self and love it. How is the internship?

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