December 27, 2006

So it’s the 27th of December and where am I? No I am not lounging at home.  No I am not having a nice coffee at a coffee shop!  No sir!  Your’s truly is in the office.  Ontop of that, I have been re-crowned as the flu queen.  Yes I have the flu again.  I was wondering how come I don’t get the flu in Finland till my mum explained that the temparatures are too low for the virus to survive long enough to be transmitted.  But now I am victim to the flu again.  I had a good christmas.  We usually do christmas lunch at home, but this year, we all went on strike and went out for lunch instead.  As weird as it was and all of us knowing that we would have had a better cooked lunch at home, it was nice….no dishes to do!!!!!  I missed the meetup on Saturday…too busy doing last minute shopping that I hadn’t done.  I really hate buying presents.  I just never know what to get people.  This year our christmas tree looked alot better than last years.  Ahem…probably because I had something to do with it this time!!  It still amazes me how my parents have my brother and I do the tree almost at gunpoint, if we were left, I wonder if we would do it, but to avoid all the nagging, we do…well it gives a nice christmas feel at the end of it anyway, so it doesn’t  hurt.  But dude, putting up christmas baubles on a tree by candle light seeing we didn’t have electricity that night takes a professional.  Oh, went out Friday and without knowing it, I got quite wasted.  I am having flash backs and my memory has like a billion holes of that night.  Had a good time though, …. I think!  Anyway, hope all you bumming bloggers bum to the fullest for me…and have a super week….



  1. Take lots of ndimus gal the flu will go. You are not alone me too am working. Still have your bamboocha.
    Wish you a Prosperous New Year.

  2. embrace the flu…submit…give up give in…it will show u mercy!

  3. Alas, I too have to work. I have viral bronchitis and so it has been really hard focusing..I am so out of it!!

  4. no holiday for me…. would have worked christmas day, but my jamaa didnt let me leave the house!! and we had dinner at home… awesome 🙂 group effort always helps!! I hate christmas trees, thankfully, noone holds me at gunpoint 🙂

    enjoy kenya, and hanye all u can… nothing beats nai night life 😀

  5. working over the holiday plus flu as a bonus? not good. I am also at work so you can take comfort in that. 🙂

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