December 7, 2006

that was me this morning before an exam in practices and procedures in international trade, I have had it up to here (points hand to above head) with inco terms, credit risks, and lord knows what other forms of international trading problems….can’t we all just get a long?  Now I’m studying business law for tomorrow….contracts, warranties, breach of warranty and goodness knows what else….I’m practically finished and the more I try and read, the more I go “huh?”, I am seriously suffering from burnout.  But tomorrow it ends…for a little bit, but it shall stop…my last exam and I am out!!! yippeee I cannot wait!  I was just reading a post by archer about his going home.  I could not agree more!  All your friends all think differently and its all a bit random and disturbing.  And as excited as I am to be going home, I’m sure I’ve changed in yet another year of being out here by my lonesome.  My parents still think of me as that little girl that I was before I left.  But I have grown, I fend for myself, and I make things happen.  So I will not be liking questions along the lines of….”where and with whom are you going?” that my poor mother is so fond of and will be asking me even when I’m grown and in my 50’s. 

When you are in Kenya, you get used to and actually become a professional at crossing the road in halves…..traffic lights and zebra crossings what???  But here, you find yourself waiting for the green light for like 5 mins even if there is not the slightest sign that a car may be coming….I have become a slave to the system! 

Packing my own things in the supermarket in my own paper bag or life bag at the same time as juggling my wallet to pay, get my change and move for the next person in line….Bliss that there will be someone at the end of the till packing stuff! 

DAYLIGHT!!  I miss daylight.  I have had enough of the sun setting at like 3:30 in the afternoon. 

My eternal mess and poor excuse for hair on the top of my head….my hairdresser is really needed. 

Luxuries of fresh fruit and vegetables.  I can’t taste the difference between carrots and peas coz they are all frozen and all their tastes just kinda fuse into one….”almost” veggie taste. 

Clubs!  I miss the clubs.  I’m sick of techno.  It grows on you after some time and once in a while you find yourself jumping up to “put your hands up in the air, put.your.hands.up.in.the.air”….but now it’s too much! 

Shots that are not like 5euros each!!!  Can I get a yeeehaaa! 

nation and ktn….local music videos!!! oh bliss. 

kiosks….hey, do they still sell butterdrops? 

Soda out of a glass bottle.  I am convinced it makes soda taste different! 

Oh and ORANGE fanta!! 

Super loaf

blue band



highlands juice!  Don’t even get me started on highlands juice! 

Kenyan coins. 

Lemonade at dormans! 

lying on the grass soaking up the sun. 

The vegetable market and all my mums vendor friends.  You gotta love the old spinach lady.  She is the sweetest. 

Red meat that isn’t marinated!  What is up with this place and marinating everything?  eeek! 

Traffic….I know I know, you probably think I’m crazy, I probably will think I’m crazy after the first week, but its just a sign that there are actually people on this planet.  My small village sometimes looks like a ghost town dude!  I need the vibrance of human beings!

Family, my family and my friends…..can’t wait to see them….ok let me stop now before I go too far.  Home on tuesday….all happy and giddy and stuff!!



  1. The seconds are ticking away…

  2. you can say that again about paro’s and their “..Nairobi has become bad nowadays..” lines

  3. Cute pic! I so identify with it. You can think so hard mpaka you can’t think anymore.

    On going home: enjoy it to the fullest! My peroz think like yours, don’t know how I’ll deal with it coz being away forces one to grow up and become independent fast.

  4. Welcome back Kips

  5. Hey you!!! Welcome back!! Hope I get to meet you while yuo’re here and I’ll buy you crates of Orange Fanta!!

    Bon voyage!

  6. Strange things you remember, Kips, ati butterdrops? LOL!! HIGHLANDS JUICE…now you’re making me more homesick. That juice is on point vibaya sana. It will all be over soon, at least for you so just hold on for a few more days.

  7. LOL. Welcome home dearie. Kenya awaits with open arms. You mention things that i take for granted, will pay more attention to them before i have to leave the comfort of the homeland. I do hate the traffic though, hopefully things will slow down on the roads as businesses close for the holidays.

    Have a safe trip home!

  8. Hey you, am here yo check out tje new digs. Not bad.. Hope you are settled in and all..

    Hey am saying Jambo to all my good friends as I mark my 1st year blogging.

    Take care girl and thank you.

  9. I also miss kiosks. And that “auntie saloon” chorus at the markets. Mombasa mangoes…… ashana naye!

  10. Realised I take stuff for granted – kiosks? Most of them have been demolished this past year, like Serena B and K0 dont exist no more.

    Travel safe and welcome home

  11. Well… Reading this made me homesick! I know what you mean about the marinade…I miss nyama choma. Enjoy your time back home.

  12. I love the new home gal. Welcome home will get for you the mangoes and the new look fanta which tastes different otherwise known as bamboocha..

  13. I envy you lots! Have a great time and drink a soda for me!

  14. Welcome back! Always gd 2 be home 4 u guyz i guess. Wengine wetu tunauliza tu kufika majuu just 4 a visit.
    Butterdrops, ballgums, KSL…r there…wonder y they stopped selling the small biscuits which used 2 cost 5cts…
    siku hizi mkate ni Akiyda…elliots haina taste…as 4 soda, long live bamboocha…

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