Calling the sleep Gods

November 28, 2006

I just need to sleep….that’s all…I fell asleep at 3am last night, again right now its almost 3am, and I cannot for the life of me fall asleep.  I’ve got a thousand and 8 thoughts going through my head. 

My exam on Friday

 excitement about going home in two weeks

panic because I havn’t bought any presents and have no clue what to get my family

Awe at how people change. 

Impatience for the new year, hoping it will be better than this one. 

Where and how to pack my speakers in my suitcase. 

What colour to high light my hair this time. 

This feeling of impending doom

How I will get up for my 8am class

How to deflate the tires of the stupid woman at the travel agent

My tooth that has just started feeling sensitive for no apparent reason

I’ve lost a few kilo’s…yaaay

My lost tweezers….where could they be?

the two new summer tops I got myself

I can fit into my black pants again…..double yipeee

my vow never to drink triple sec ever again

my new years resolutions for next year

are dildo’s illegal in Kenya….random thought

The heat in my room (thermal duvets are not always the best way to go)

My mr. tall and free spirited

My banged up knee which led to my vow against triple sec

My hope that it doesn’t rain tomorrow

Ok, I shall stop here and maybe do some breathing meditation and see if that helps me sleep….hmmm…



  1. Going to Kenya excitement I can relate fully. Mpaka I have my own little countdown clock.

  2. bet u cant beat me, didnt go to bed till 8 this morning, and then woke up 3hrs later 😦 Awesome thing going home in 2wks… my trip is more like a month!!

  3. Kips,Egm, majonzi, you all are welcome back home.Please tell the slep goods that i need help too. Been half a sleep and i know for sure that half a slepp is not better than none since i wake tired and lethargic.
    Breathe my dear breathe

  4. Hope you are asleep. and welcome to kenya.
    LMAO ati are dildos illegal in kenya (whispering into Kips ear “please bring me one”)

  5. @egm…oh i know all about countdowns….lol, cant wait good to know the excitement is going round
    @majonzi…woi….pole hun. a month shall fly by, do a countdown like egm and I
    @gish…the sleep gods have not been doing too well it seems….im going to have to have a chat with them. i shall breathe, but i was breathing till my lungs began to hurt
    @half and half…lol….(small voice)….not like im taking one…well, maybe, well….oh ….. better than men?

  6. put them all down on paper. get them out of your head. or try a good bourbon and water…works for me

  7. So did you finally fall asleep before dawn? I strongly advice you not to buy/use the dildo.

    Good day.

  8. There is no law in Kenya bout dildos as they didnt expect their usage muhahaha. But i guess its illegal.

    Ooh welcome back. Remember to raise as much cash you can on 1st Dec for the kids will you. That is on World Aids Day.


  9. LOL dildos are not necessarily illegal but IF you do decide to get one, hope customs guys don’t find it cos they will cause for you! But i don’t think you’d get in trouble, they’d just confiscate it.

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