November 28, 2006

Ok, she is safe….Donde’s daughter has been set free on a sh60,000 bond.  I am soo sooo relieved that she didn’t have to face the death sentence….she’s only 18.  However, in contrast with the other Kenyan student jailed for life in China for drugs as well just makes me wonder.  The news the other day said that Deborah Donde tested positive for drugs but now they are refuting those claims and saying that if she had tested positive then she would not have been out….well, true.  That or she has people in the right place who could do alot more than the people the girl serving a life sentence in China has.  I am definately against the punishment being death.  I totally disagree with that.  However, if there was a different punishment, oh say a couple of years in prison I can’t help but wonder if she would have served that.  Anyway, glad that she is safe.



  1. Good to hear. It coulda been worse. Ooh

  2. At 18, it is sad. Glad she is out, but if she REALLY tested positive for drugs, her father should put her under house arrest for kadhaa years. SHEESH!

  3. gosh, that’s a relief. that was most definately a close call.

  4. i wonder if the govt wouldhave gone out of its way were she not a prminent persons daughter and if so the lady busted in china, that happened in March we never heard of her. Now i wonder if the govt did enough?

  5. There is only one downside to all this. Our lovely Kenyan girls will now be viewed with suspicion everywhere in the world they travel due to all this adverse drug related publicity!

  6. @Gish, wonder no more!! look @ the girl in China… waiting to c if the gava will step in… .

  7. Well, not reall out. she might be in for the big drop yu know? coz they still doing investigations as Malaysian law goes….. 10 days in jail, if they can’t charge yu, yu go out on bail pending invetigations. hope she will be okay though.

    she shud know better although i know the temptations to just be aloof are always there. at 18 she still has a lifetime ahead of her.

  8. good thing she’s out. gotta watch her company though. coz in some places rules are rules. and that poor girl in China……….all I can say is peddling death to feed your family aint the way to go. and at the end of the day, thats just what coke is.

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