November 24, 2006

Oh you soooo do not want to step on Italian toes.  Someone upset an italian friend of mine…oh he was so not a happy camper!  Apart from that….well, I don’t know and I think most people would agree, but I have always known there is a certain degree of respect due to anyone older than you.  Even more so if that person is a whole lecturer and is actually imparting some of his knowledge! 

This Finnish girl in my class…..she drives me up the friggin’ wall!!  So we have this Irish lecturer, full of good old Irish humour and sarcasm.  I quite enjoy his lectures and unlike the usual Finnish lectures where they just give you the material, he gives lots of examples to make it easier to relate to and understand the oh so boring subject matter of business law and international trade.  Apart from that, the man’s writing is horrid.  But hey, we have slides and he seldom has to write anything on the white board.  But sometimes he does anyway. 

Now this girl….interupts the man in the middle of him explaining a point and in her exact words says “excuse me, but you CANNOT write like that.  We cannot read anything”.  In the most, “talk to your small brother kind of way” ….The rest of us all had our jaws on the ground in awe of her total disrespect!  Where on earth did she grow up?  Then after the lecture, as if that wasn’t enough, she went on to tell him that he speaks too fast…fine, although she could have said it in a more polite manner….and that he shouldn’t give us so many details.  What the hell, since when did she start making course material decisions.  If she doesn’t like the course content and it’s details, hey go find another course!! 

And oh that is not the end of it…forgive me but this is my ranting session!  So!!  We have a toy donation campaign for russian orphans (Russians seeing as we just couldn’t find poor enough orphans in Finland.  We were told the homes would rather have things like dvd’s rather than toys…as they have enough of those…ok then!) for one of my courses and part of the advertising means we had to make posters.  So we did and someone came up with this brillliant poster of a little hand up against a grown hand.  It just brings out the essence of us collecting toys to give children for christmas who otherwise may not have any.  Anyway, according to miss brainy, she thinks its not an effective poster because the little hand is black and the grown hand is white.  It just looks like we were collecting money again for “poor african developing countries”….uhm….hmmm….pause, breath…..IT’S A FRIGGIN’ CHILDS HAND!!!!  Nothing more than that!  Who cares whether he’s black or white?  And why does a black baby’s hand signify poverty?   Can’t people just take it for what it is?  A hand!!  A hand!!!  I still cannot get over her ignorance and lack of finess! 

Ok….I’ve ranted and raved and feel a bit better…

Other than that, I hope everyone had a good week and will have a super amazing weekend….



  1. haiya, do you have a kabati in your lecture hall (fungia yeye ndani) She sounds absolutely ghastly! But what poster did she herself make?

    Ati finnish orphans want DVD? aiiii…(would like to say something inappropriate but me fearing curses)

    Have a superb weekend.

  2. Chick with an attitude problem. Who told her she could decide for the lecturer and the whole class what and how they should be taught. How rude! Then again someone could say she is forward, or just plain blonde.

    Those Finnish orphans maze, hata sio vcd ama VCR. hehehe

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