November 24, 2006

I just heard about former MP Joe Donde’s daughter who was caught in Malaysia for supposed drug trafficking offences.  It’s really disturbing me.  There you are in a foreign country, you have your ticket to go back home for the holidays and this happens.  Not only does this happen, but the charges are death by hanging and the law applies to foreigners.  I don’t think she is guilty, but even if she was, four kilos of mary-jay for death?  Death, like you don’t breath anymore, your life at 18 years of age as you know it is over because of four kilos of the stuff?  That just isn’t right.  You havn’t lived, you’ve barely done anything in your life.  I wonder if she is ok, I said a prayer for her, I wonder what is going on with her right at this moment.  She must be so scared, in a cell in a foreign country, not knowing her fate.  What if she was just at a friends house, not part of this whole thing and just like that she’s with the cops.  Just the same as I would go to a friends house to just chill and suddenly cops come in and the next thing is I might be hanged for four kilos?  I just can’t fathom it.  And it’s been on my mind the whole day.



  1. That is indeed scary. I remember watching Bangkok Hilton, and that was a very troubling movie. It ended happily, but nonetheless the journey there was harrowing. And apparently it was based on a true incident. This post has just brought that movie back to my mind.

  2. I am in shock too.. its all we have been talking about since we found out!! And what strict enforcement!! Death by hanging? And I hear too that a third of victims of this law are foreigners!! I do hope the Kenyan government will fight for her to the last minute… then we can get round to writing her a book!

  3. The strict drug laws and draconian penalties of some of the South East Asian countries are well known and well advertised. While I feel for Donde’s daughter’s predicament, if she did in fact break the laws then she will have to face the consequences. Remember the American who was to get a flogging in Singapore and the Clinton administration tried to intervene? They were told off. Even in Kenya, we protest when there seems to be one law for citizens and another for foreigners. I’m sure the Malaysians feel much the same way. But I hope, for her sake, that she didn’t do it.

  4. the state has now procured a lawyer for the girl. Hmm, I wonder how successful he will be?

  5. I sure hope for her and her family’s sake she is found innocent. She is 18 years old, a guilty verdict would be a tragedy.

  6. I like the look of your new blog!

    Practically everyone has been to someone’s house where all kinds of things were going down–with or without your knowledge. An execution would be barbarian. Scary thing is, these countries play by their own rules. But hope these girls are released.

  7. If she didn’t do it then I sure hope she gets justice.

    Then there is the other story of a Kenyan who was caught in China with about 2kgs of heroin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Geezus, the things people do for money! Definite death penalty in Malaysia, if she was caught, and the Chinese wouldn’t have minded doing the same. Luckily(?), she got away with a life sentence; in the middle of frickin nowhere.

  8. ok, i don’t know what happened to the comment I left on my own blog!!!
    @egm…iv heard of that film, but havnt watched it…will definately have to soon
    @majonzi…according to mashada, she is free….i hope its true…
    @aegeus….she’s only 18….she needs to live…
    @girl next door…thanks…tell me about going to a house where you don’t even know whats going on….i found some american housemates in italy doing coke on the friggin kitchen table!!!! shock and horror
    @69…heard about the kenyan, life sentence in china….study all those years to do a life sentence in china! I don’t know…

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