Nairobi life…

November 20, 2006

I sometimes have homesick pangs now and then.  I miss the nightlife and I miss life in general in Nairobi.  But sometimes when I’m back home, I have no clue where I should be going and where the rest of the population is gathering.  But to counter this problem, our very own milo has come up with this nifty website that is nicely growing and gives you insight as to where you should be after dark and where you should be eating, football for the boys, it’s quite cool, you should check it out!



  1. Nairobi life has never been so boring as long as you have company + this site has a great design layout yours looks cool.

  2. @lukas….why thank you. oh trust me, compared to where I am….nairobi life is the shizznit…

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